MPV + FFmpeg

MPV 0.32

MPV (license GPLv2, is the first video player with Vulkan support since 0.28. Wayland is supported by default since 0.29.

pacman -Sy mpv

To use Vulkan, you need to run MPV with or modify the start menu entry:

mpv --gpu-api=vulkan --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui -- %U

At least on Plasma Wayland mpv 0.30 works fine with Vulkan in a Wayland window.


The AV1(BSD Clause 2, media codec has been officially released royalty-free by the Open Media Alliance ( on 2018-03-28 with broad support from all the major internet companies, read On 2018-06-26 the version 1.0 has been released. AV1 claims to offer 30% better compression at 4K then the other media codec’s like VP9.

AV1 Decoding

  • DAV1D 0.1 (license BSD, is a AV1 decoder from the VLC and ffmpeg communities. The decoding speed has been improved drastically in the last time.
  • FFmpeg 4.2 supports AV1 via DAV1D. FFmpeg added in August 2019 the AMD advanced media framework (AMF) which is based on Vulkan initialization. With 4.3 Vulkan support should be in good shape.

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