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Free and open source efforts for games without Wayland support running through XWayland on Vulkan are documented here. For more information about toolkit’s with proper Wayland support and how to remove legacy ones running on XWayland only, read Wayland.

XWayland (X11)


GZDoom (license GPLv3,, is based on the open source release of the Doom 1 engine and it has been enhanced with Linux and Vulkan support (since 4.0) and 64-bit only (since 4.5). Another engine for Doom is Doomsday (withouth Vulkan). It supports as well all the other idTech 1 game engine games like:

  • Doom 1 + 2
  • Heretic
  • Hexen
  • Strife
  • Chex Quest
  • and fan-created games like Harmony and Hacx.
yay gzdoom

Luxtorpeda can use GZDoom automatically in Steam Play, only Vulkan doesn’t work yet automatically.

To manually setup GZDoom and play with Vulkan enabled, run:

gzdoom +vid_backend 0

Doom 1 + 2

You can buy DRM free copies:

If after the installation GZDoom doesn’t find you game .wad files automatically, you can add the path to the file like this:

$ nano .config/gzdoom/gzdoom.ini
...Path=/home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/GOG Games/DOOM/

If you add multiple folders, GZDoom will automatically create a game selection menu.



Chex Quest 1 + 2 + 3

Chex Quest is available to downlaod from the official website

Helium Rain

Helium Rain (64bit) is an Early Access game on Steam ( The developers released the source code of Helium Rain (license BSD, of their own engine,it requires the Unreal Engine and the content to build.

Helium Rain supports Vulkan (2018-01-26). To run the game on Vulkan you need to add -vulkan to the launch options in Steam. The beta channel is not available anymore.

The game doesn’t work on Wayland (bug) only through XWayland.

Command & Conqueror: Generals – openSAGE

OpenSAGE (license LGPLv3, is a free and open source re-implementation of the SAGE game engine. This will allow you to play Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour, but support could be extended to other RTS titles from EA Pacific. Linux support has been added and Vulkan support is already work in progress ( If it works natively on Wayland or only through XWayland has to be seen.


vkOpenArena (license GPLv2+, provides Vulkan support since March 2019.


vkQuake ( is a Vulkan port of the Quake game licensed under GPLv2. Installation on Arch Linux:

yay vkquake

So far I had no luck in running vkQuake directly via Wayland, even with the start parameter -platform wayland or with the prefix SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland. vkQuake runs only through XWayland.

Luxtorpeda can use vkQuake automatically in Steam Play.


If you want to do the setup manually, do the following:

  • Extract the following files into the folder .vkquake/id1/
  • pak0.pak: contains episode 1 (shareware, gratis). Episode 1 is available as a shareware version for testing, if you don’t own the game. You can download it from
  • pak1.pak: contains episodes 2-4 (you can buy it e.g. on GOG, the version on GOG is provided with the original soundtrack files, not like the steam version)

If you have downloaded the shareware version extract the archive. Now you need a tool like 7-zip to extract the file resource.1, in the terminal you can do this with this command:

7z e resource.1

If you have copied the file PAK0.PAK to the .vkquake/id1/ folder, rename it on Linux to pak0.pak as Linux is case-sensitive and otherwise it won’t find the file. If you have the PAK1.PAK file, do the same for this one.

If you have Quake version with the soundtrack copy them to the folder .vkquake/id1/music/.

Now you should be able to run the game, if it doesn’t try to run it from the terminal to see the error messages.


Quake 2

vkQuake2 (license GPLv2, added Vulkan support for the Quake 2 engine. The Linux version is available since mid January 2019.

Installation on Arch Linux:

yay vkquake2

Before running the game you need to copy some files to the game directory (you may need to install the GOG version first with Wine):

sudo mv Quake\ II/* /opt/vkquake2/baseq2/

Then the game did run on Vulkan, at least in multiplayer mode. The normal game did freeze.


Quake 3

vkQuake3 (license GPLv2, added a Vulkan backend based on the Qauke III Arena Kenny Edition.

Quake III Arena Kenny Edition

In the Quake III Arena Kenny Edition Vulkan support has been added as well, read But it is not available for Linux at the moment.


Doom 3

The source code of vkDoom3 (GPLv3), a Doom 3 Vulkan port, has been released and you can follow the  project here The RBDOOM-3-BFG project can be followed here and they plan to pull the Vulkan code as well and by this it will support Linux (64 bit). The bug for Vulkan is open since some time without any response, but beginning of October 2018 some merge activity started. RBDoom3-BFG doesn’t support Wayland (bug) and it runs through XWayland.

To install RBDoom3-BFG run the following command (use the git version so that as soon as there is Vulkan support you can start testing):

yay rbdoom3-bfg-git

To play the game you need to do the following:

  1. Create a link to the install folder with the name /home/USERNAME/.local/share/rbdoom3bfg/base in your home directory (you can install Doom 3:BFG Edition e.g. via Wine)
  2. If you use a copy of GOG, open the default.cfg file in the base directory of the game and add at the end the line “seta sys_lang "english". Otherwise the game starts in Japanese.

Warzone 2100

Some independent developers ported the game Warzone 2100 game (released 1999, open sourced later including game content,, to Vulkan. The OpenGL version of Warzone 2100 is still the default, but you can change to Vulkan in the game settings. The video files are available here

X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse

X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse can be downloaded from the official website (without original soundtrack) and it runs with vkQuake on Vulkan.

Unreal Engine (98)

Vulkan-drv (license ???, is a Vulkan renderer in an early stage for the original Unreal Engine (98).

Vulkan Games Proprietary

The non open source games can be found here Vulkan Proprietary Games.

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