Game Remakes with Proprietary Engine

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D has been partially remade and improved with the Serious Engine. You can install in Serious Sam Fusion 2017 like this:

  1. Install Serious Sam 3 through Serious Sam Fusion
  2. Subscribe to these 5 items mentioned here
  3. Launch the game using the play moddable option
  4. The mod should then appear in the singleplayer campaign menu.

Return of the Tentacle

Return of the Tentacle (license ???, is a fan made game and unofficial sequel to “Day of the Tentacle”. The fully released game is available free to play on

Stage 9 0.0.10

Stage 9 (license ???, ***not available anymore***) tries to recreate the Enterprise D from the Star Trek Next Generation in the Unreal Engine 4. It is based on the TV series. You can download the version 0.0.10 for Linux and play the pre-alpha release. If you add “-vulkan” as a start parameter, then you can start the game but currently no input is possible at least with RADV, it is possible that this is a bug of UE4 or game, but it is more likely it is an issue of xorg 1.20.1 in fullscreen Vulkan apps. Video example of the latest released version:

Tomb Raider 2 – The Dagger of Xian

Tomb Raider 2 – DOX (license ???, is a fan remake of the classic game with the Unreal Engine 4 that you can play in this early access version. Even though it is made with the Unreal Engine, a Linux build with OpenGL or Vulkan support has not been created and you need to use Wine with DX11, but the game is 64bit and works on Vulkan via DXVK.

Tomb Raider 4

Tomb Raider 4 development seem to have stagnated, for more information read

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