Qemu/KVM, libvirt and Virt-Manager

A graphic frontend for libvirt is the tool Virt-Manager. It is a solid tool to manage your virtual machines e.g. on a KVM/qemu server. Actually Virt-Manager cannot run on Wayland, unfortunately at least in Plasma-Wayland keyboard inputs are not recognized in virtual machines, probably due to some bugs in XWayland.

Interestingly there is a 3D driver in development called VirGL, some game seem to run already. VirGL will use the host GPU, so support need to be provided by the GPU driver as well. It is not a complete GPU pass-trough.


Virt-Manager (https://virt-manager.org, GPLv3+) is a good tool to manage local and remote virtual machines on a Qemu/KVM on libvirt.

pacman -Sy virt-manager

Virt-Manager itself doesn’t run directly on Wayland (bug). You can try to run it with the environement variable, but it will not start at all on Plasma-Wayland:

GDK_BACKEND=wayland virt-manager

It works through XWayland, but then it lacks keyboard support on virtual machines. This is probably solved once XWayland 1.20 will be released. The bug can be followed here https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1285770.

You can install Virt-Manager-Qt5 (https://github.com/F1ash/qt-virt-manager, GPLv2) from AUR. It runs natively on Wayland:

yaourt virt-manager-qt5

It works, but the qt5-remote–viewer doesn’t show any content, read the bug report https://github.com/F1ash/qt-virt-manager/issues/25.

So there is on Wayland currently no working solution at all.


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