Game Emulator’s – Vulkan OpenSource



Retroarch ( is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. It runs on natively on Wayland. RetroArch added Vulkan support, read You can enable Vulkan in the driver configuration.

pacman -Sy mupen64plus libretro-mupen64plus retroarch retroarch-assets-xmb retroarch-autoconfig-udev


XWayland (X11)


Doplhin-Emu (license GPLv2, Qt, is a game emulator for Gamecube, Wii and Triforce. So if you have e.g. some Wii games around from an old console you can run them on Linux.

The Dolphin game emulator developers developed quite early a Vulkan back-end and they even dropped DirectX 12 (DX12) in favor for it, read The Vulkan backend works and performs really well compared to the mature OpenGL back-end.

To try it you need to install a development snapshot of version 5.x. Dolphin switched to Qt5 with this release as well:

pacman -Sy dolphin-emu

Dolphin-Emu doesn’t support Wayland yet and it runs through XWayland (Bug). If you try to run it via Plasma-Wayland, it will crash, so run:

dolphin-emu -platform xcb

The normal interface of dolphin-emu offers now the possibility in Options -> Graphic Configuration to change to Vulkan (not default yet). Interesting status reports can be found on the Dolphin-Emu blog


Flycast is a Nintendo Dreamcast emulator and added support for Vulkan in Dezember 2019.


The PPSSPP (license GPLv2+, C++ and Qt, game emulator for PlayStation portable games supports and is using Vulkan by default on Linux with version 1.6

pacman -Sy ppsspp-qt

Currently it doesn’t work on Plasma-Wayland and it only runs through XWayland:

ppsspp-qt -platform xcb


RPCS3 (license GPLv2,, is a PlayStadion 3 emulator with Vulkan support, it is still in early stages but it is able to run already several games. You can install it from AUR. You may need for one of the dependencies a key, if required use gpg –recv-keys XXX to trust this key).

yay rpcs3-bin

I had to add a link for libGLEW to run RPCS3.

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

RPCS3 runs Wayland on Plasma. You can switch to Vulkan in the graphic settings.


Yuzu (license GPLv2,, added a Vulkan backend to this Nintendo Switch emulator.

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