Video, Media & Music


VLC 3.0

VLC is a really good multi-platform media player. The actual release 3.0 offers initial Wayland support. You can compile VLC-git from AUR in Arch Linux.

sudo pacman -Sy vlc

If VLC is still playing videos via X11 unless you launch VLC with the following command or modify your entry in the start menu/desktop symbol:

vlc --no-embedded-video --started-from-file %U

This will run the video in a separate window and the VLC window are together with the controls in another one. With this Wayland is supported natively, only the keyboard shortcuts do not work (bug). But this is acceptable as long as you can run it in Wayland. VLC on Wayland is not yet stable like the X11 version and you might see some crashes from time to time. VLC 4.0 should finally close the last Wayland issues.


Kdenlive ( is a video editor and it can convert and encode videos into other or compressed formats. It works well on Wayland.

sudo pacman -Sy kdenlive frei0r-plugins



AV1 Decoding

AV1 Encoding

Music Player

There are many music player’s out there, but most of them are neither nice looking nor simple to use and have limited functionalities. If you focus on KDE/Qt music player’s, then the selection is quite limited.

Elisa 0.4

Elisa is music player and it can be installed in Arch Linux directly:

sudo pacman -Sy elisa

Elisa works well on Wayland. Elisa still is in an experimental stage as of issues with missing covers and cover icons cannot be resized.

vvave (Babe)

My actual favorite is babe ( This player looks nice and clean, very promising, unfortunately the development slowed down in the last months and the library is quite bad designed. In Arch Linux you can install it with (the old version is still available as babe or babe-git):

yay vvave-git

Babe works well on Wayland, except for some crashes as of library scans.

Youtube Download

ClipGrab allows you to download YouTube videos and music. It works well on Wayland and is based on Qt5.

sudo pacman -Sy clipgrab

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