Webdav & Nextcloud Client


If you just want to open and edit your Nextcloud (previously ownCloud) files directly in Dolphin, go to Network and then click on Add Networkfolder. Choose Webdav and enter your credentials like this:

  • Name = enter what you want
  • User = enter your Nextcloud user name
  • Server = enter the server name like yournextcloudserver.org
  • Port = to change from the unsecure port 80 to the secure 443 SSL port click on the tick box Use Encryption
  • Folder = Usually it is something like this /remote.php/webdav


  • If you have issues connecting again and you recently changed the password, but you cannot setup a new Webdav connection, make sure to delete the password in the KDE password manager. There is an open bug Knetattach 5.12 https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=386017.

Nextcloud Client 2.6

As I’m running Nextcloud on my own private server, I need a Sync Client for some folders. Actually the Nextcloud Client on Linux and Android only supports a 2-way sync. So I cannot use it for every use case, sometimes I have to fallback to rsync.

You can install the Nextcloud client in Arch Linux. Nextcloud works well in KDE and on Wayland.

sudo pacman -Sy nextcloud-client


  • Nextcloud-client on Plasma-Wayland will be shown as a window if it is defined as an auto start application, but it should appear only in the task bar. Bug Nextcloud-Client 2.3.3 https://github.com/nextcloud/client/issues/99.

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