Messenger, Mail, Telephone, Calendar and Contacts

Telegram-Desktop (Wayland) – Chat and Telephone

Telegram-Desktop (client GPLv3 but proprietary server, runs natively on Plasma-Wayland in Arch Linux (tested with Version 1.2.6). However the upstream bugs ( and still seem not to be addressed, so it works on Arch Linux probably through packaging improvements.

Install the official Telegram-Desktop in Arch Linux with the following command (

sudo pacman -Sy telegram-desktop

If you use Telegram messages are encrypted by default between the your device and the server or the server and the device of the recipient. If you want end-to-end encryption, use an secret chat (not available in the desktop client yet).


Riot is another great messenger based on the Matrix network

sudo pacman -Sy riot-desktop

Kontact – Calendar, Contact and E-Mail Suite

I tried several Personal Information Manager’s (PIM), but there is nothing that works like Kmail (Bogofilter as a Spam filter), KAddressBook and KOrganizer from the Kontact Suite. The design could be better, I would love to see some polish, especially the calendar and contact view is not nice. But the applications don’t lack any functionality and they just work in all my configurations.

For a basic PIM suite install just these 3 Kontact applications:

sudo pacman -Sy kmail bogofilter kaddressbook korganizer

In KMail I use only IMAP accounts to check my mails in the inbox. KAddressBook and KOrganizer can be integrated with Carddav and Caldav e.g. into Nextcloud. It would be nice to just setup in KDE once the Nextcloud account and the Dolphin, Nextcloud-Client, KAddressBook and Korganizer use it directly.

Using E-Mail is by default an insecure communication and without additional effort and knowledge data leaks can happen quite easy. As such E-Mails should not be avoided and only be used where no other possibility exists.


  • Wayland support: Since the release of KDE Applications 17.08, KMail and KAddressbook can run in Wayland now by default with just minor graphical glitches like flickering in Kmail. Definitely a big improvement, since version 17.04! KOrganizer was fine already since version 17.04 on Plasma-Wayland. Since KDE Applications 18.04 Kmail enforces Xwayland mode via XCB, to run Kmail on Wayland you must do this like this: kmail –platform wayland
  • Crash when moving or deleting imap folder or when moving mails to another folder (Wayland). Kmail 5.6.1..5.9.2, now drag and drop has been disabled as a work around

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