Calligra 3.0

Calligra is a office suite and it integrates nicely into KDE and works well on Plasma-Wayland.

sudo pacman -Sy calligra

LibreOffice 6.4

Install LibreOffice-Fresh in Arch Linux with the following command, replace XX with the according language:

sudo pacman -Sy libreoffice-fresh libreoffice-fresh-XX hundspell-XX

There is as well a older version of LibreOffice, just replace FRESH with STILL to install this one. As LibreOffice constantly improves so many things I would definitely recommend switching to the newer version.

LibreOffice supports Wayland natively, read Plasma-Wayland is supporting since version 5.12 as well the XDG Shell v6 and now LibreOffice runs fine (you do not need to set the prefix anymore (GDK_BACKEND=wayland soffice).

LibreOffice 7.0 will replace Cairo with Skia. This will draw the interface with Vulkan. Requires SAL_SKIA=vulkan as a parameter.

KDE integration

With probably LibreOffice 6.1 the KDE integration will much improve, read This will allow LibreOffice to use KDE’s file and folder dialogs, but sadly loading files via KIO is not supported yet (e.g. if you have a Webdav nextcloud network folder).


OnlyOffice is available as a desktop client but it offers as well a nice integration to Nextcloud. All files stored in Nextcloud can be opened, edited and stored through the integrated Nextcloud client. Only Office offers as well a addon for Nextcloud so that you do not need to install it on a local machine and you can use it directly in your Nexctcloud website online.

Texmaker – LaTEX

As an alternative for the Writer for large documents you can try out Texmaker. It is based on Qt 5 and it is using LaTEX as a back-end, which allows you to create professional printouts without the hurdles of a normal office document writer applications where you can struggle a lot with the formatting.

KMyMoney 5.0.7

KMyMoney is a quite good personal finance manager with support for HBCI interfaces to retrieve data from your bank accounts.

In Arch Linux you can install it with:

sudo pacman -Sy kmymoney

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